Moving to California Won’t Make You Happy

Manage By Walking Around

Are people happier in California?

Almost everywhere I’ve visited, I’ve encountered the belief that people are happier in California. When pressed as to why, the most common explanation is weather.  Since studies have shown that sunlight positively influences mood, perhaps everyone should move to CA – it might make the world a happier place.

Practicality aside, it turns out moving to California probably won’t make someone happier.  The problem lies in the word itself.  According to Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, there are two different ways of looking at well-being: current mood and overall satisfaction.

Mood and satisfaction can even be contradictory. An event or an object can improve your mood but not increase the satisfaction with your life.  For example, buying a new car might lift your spirits for a few weeks but be dampened when the reality of paying the monthly bills sets in.

This is a specific example of what…

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How to Stay Organized

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Why Join a Mastermind Group?

Life-Life Balance

The idea of a Mastermind group was popularised in Napoleon Hill’s iconic Think and Grow Rich. It is defined as: “a coordination of knowledge and effort […] between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose”.  I think the term itself is irritating and misleading: it puts up unnecessary boundaries. If you talk about being in a Mastermind group, it’s going to be tough not to come across as pompous. On the flip side, if you ask someone to join a Mastermind group, they’re going to feel intimidated, and probably like they don’t want to be the kind of presumptuous git who trumpets their “mastermind” status.

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Is there any chance for moms at home to pursue their career?  

            Most,if not all,women who have their own families  are obliged to tend the house and kids.As a result,a lot of career women had neglected their jobs to some extent and there are those who sacrificed theirs and eventually landed full time moms.For them,the sudden change of routines will never be easily accepted.Aside from the roles and financial adjustments,there is that certain feeling of worthlessness to overcome with.

            So,many have asked,”Is there any chance for moms at home to pursue their career?Of course,there is.Because these days,everything seem possible to get your goals.Along with the surge in technical innovations comes the availability of plenty of opportunities for moms who would want to pursue their career and/or to improve the financial status of the family.

            Career today is not only manifested with putting on office uniforms and…

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Networking: the most overused word in business today


We are all guilty. We say this word many times through the day and yet we hardly know what it really means. We use it as an excuse to have lunch out, attend an after hours or Chamber event.  And it’s a good excuse.  But, are we fulfilling our networking potential?  Are we actually “networking” – pulling business peers into our net – or are we simply enjoying a bite to eat away from the office?

William O. Services hosts a series of Small Business Friends Networking events at which we guide participants to network in the intended method of gaining connectable bonds through business for the purpose of growing both businesses.

We cover topics for open discussion, share about ourselves and our businesses, ask questions and of course we eat!  In today’s blog, I’m wondering what topics of discussion you would like to see at our next SBFs event…

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PCI DSS For Small Merchants

Residential and Small Business Computer Repair

Recently at a local establishment while enjoying a frosty beverage, I thought I would check out some new mobile apps that I found.  These apps are designed to assist IT Auditors and Security Assessors to perform discovery of devices on a network.  The establishment in question has an open WiFi that allow the general public to connect in order to access the Internet.  When I launched the tool, I was surprised to see several business systems in the list of devices.  Of most concern were their Point of Sale (POS) systems clearly named as a POS system.


If cardholder data is stolen – and it’s your fault – you could incur fines, penalties, even termination of the right to accept payment cards!

I have performed PCI-DSS audits as an Internal Auditor and became more familiar with PCI-DSS regulations than I have ever wanted.  So while I reviewed the list of…

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Do You Feel Clear about Your Small Business Marketing Plan?


2As a small business owner you should be clear of your marketing plan. They definitely take research on your end. Benefits to using the small business marketing tips that you unearth for your client should be reward in and of it. Some hot trends in small business marketing are making themselves known to the industry. Some new small business marketing tips that come in handy are using mobile marketing, link building, video marketing and e-zines in unison with the old, tried and true methods of direct marketing. By trying one or more of these small business marketing tips you allow yourself to a positive impact on your small business, making them not so small business marketing tips.

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6 Steps to a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Social Branding

As a person who has previously worked in several small businesses who have worked with social media to gain awareness, this article has brought up some awesome points for small businesses that are looking to make an online appearance. However, you must remember that social media is NOT a source of advertising. It is a source of getting information to people that you have ALREADY advertised too and have gotten them to like your page. If you try and advertise solely to your followers, you are only reaching out to the same potential amount of people every time. Social media is a business booster, not a business maker.


It’s obvious that Facebook and Twitter are rocking social media, but if your product or service is visual, you may consider Pintrest or Instagram.

Your choice of your social media platform should be based on your business…

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How To Develop A Business Strategy?

Strategy to Success

Do you have a business strategy? You probably do. If you do, are you happy with your strategy? If you think you don’t, do you need one? By the way, when I refer to the term “business strategy”, I don’t mean a document that contains mission, vision, value, etc. I mean a step before that – the step that you, a small business owner, pull your thoughts and goals (of what you want to achieve) together. This step can be called a strategic framework development.

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Business Ideas – Big Dream, Small Finance

The Entrepreneur Blog - Start A Business Today!!

Peter is just another guy who dreamed of opening a restaurant all his life. He was an amazing cook when it comes to cooking. But dreaming of the financial investment for it was a nightmare. So one day, he thought hard. He thought harder. Harder and harder. Finally he decided that he will stop letting the nightmare to mess him up and stop him from his future as a businessman.

What next? He now had an idea!!! 🙂 He started saving some money from his Tax returns and made some delicious southern-style pies around winter holidays, and sold them at a fare rate. The pies became a hit. The talk of the winter.

A similar story relates to Eden Reff, the Director of Artistic Edibles, a HOME BASED catering company in Mount Rainier. As discussed in my earlier blog posts, starting a home based business is an ideal and the most inexpensive way for fresh…

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4 Ways To Use Vine for Your Small Business

Tie In Social

VineAppEvery year a new social media tool comes along that (as Oprah would say) shakes us to our core. Vine is our new obsession. Vine is a gif generating app that uses the video on your phone to record 6 seconds looping video.

When I first loaded the application on my iPhone on Friday night, I took the quick tutorial and tried to figure out how to start and stop the camera. I had some issues with the uploads, so ended up spending my time watching examples and “liking” other videos. There is a lot of silly videos, of bananas disappearing or puppies playing, but the best and meaningful videos are the ones that tell a story. Searching videos for examples is easy, as they are separated by hashtags such as #travel, #sports, #pets and #NYC.

My next thought, was how do I make better videos and how do small…

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How a remote professional can help you and your business

remote profissionals

If you’re that typical skeptic of a business owner who’s still having doubts about whether or not you should push through with hiring a remote professional, we have here the reasons why it’s good to hire of one today because of the sheer convenience, savings and great help that a remote professional can offer your business.

1.      Savings on employee related fees and taxes

In hiring a remote professional, you will not be required to pay for any employee related taxes, insurance or benefits.

2.     Savings on office space, equipment and supplies

As the name implies, remote professionals work online and therefore will not take up any space in your office, giving you the freedom from these common logistical problems among business offices.

3.     Pay only for the services that you want

You get the option to use your remote professional as often as you need to and this equates to paying only for the services rendered during those times.

4.     Reliability and Dependability.

Your remote professional will always be by your side regardless of sickness or holiday leaves. Remote staffing companies usually have established procedures in place to provide cover in case one of their remote professionals would out on leave.

5.     Quality service

Professionals from a reputable remote staffing company usually have a high quality skill set. From time management, to the best software, from social media marketing all the way to article marketing strategies, whatever job you require will always have a great turn out.

6.     Take back lost time

Once you have delegated tasks to a remote professional, you can just sit back, relax and take back lost time to focus on other important projects that will help you grow your business.

Hire a remote professional today and experience the boost that your business needs.

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Remote Staffing, the New ART of Business Success

How do you measure success? People use various parameters to determine their personal success. It really depends on what you hold most important; it could be your family’s welfare, the model of car you drive, the amount of money in your bank account or simply the fact that you are able to sleep peacefully every night.
Measuring the success of your business is a much simpler matter, however. Basically the more financially healthy your business is, the more success you are having.  It’s down to a fine ART, or . . .


Business leaders and managers are always looking for new ways to increase their profit margins by reducing expenses in these key areas. And the Remote Revolution is the latest, most cost effective method of saving your company money while you increase productivity, without sacrificing quality.
“How?” you ask.
The Remote Revolution is all about remote staffing. Your life is made easier while you save money and time on Recruitment and Training, which you can then focus on your Activity.
There are many ways remote staffing helps you refine your ART of success. Here are just 7 of them:
Remote Staffing Saves You Money:
1.    By cutting your total cost of employment

Remote offshore staff work for you, but are still employed by the Remote Staffing Provider. This means you don’t need to worry about health care or other benefits, taxes, unemployment, or regulatory fees.

2.    By reducing your investment recruitment activities

Your Remote Staffing Provider will match your requirements with the best workers from their talent pool, ensuring you get the best people without having to spend anything on prospecting, advertizing or interviews.

3.    By allowing you to grow your team without having to grow your offices
Build your team one cubicle at a time. There’s no need for you to guess how many virtual staff you will need for a project because you can always add or reduce staff, based on your project’s success. And because they work in the Remote Staffing Provider’s offices, you don’t need to expand your building or buy new office equipment.

Remote Staffing Saves You Time:
4.    By decreasing your ‘time to hire’

Your time is precious. Let your Remote Staffing Provider take care of the recruitment process. They will filter their virtual employees based on your requirements, so all you have to do is conduct the final interview. You only deal with one resume, not hundreds.

5.    By virtually eliminating time invested in hiring activities

Prospecting, reviewing and interviewing all takes up precious time. Your Remote Staffing Provider does all of this for you, as well as the admin and office management.
6.    Access to specialization and expertise from a global talent pool
Remote Staffing Providers based in the Philippines offer an experienced workforce from the 3rd largest English-speaking country on the globe.  Last year the country was ranked the world’s #1 for business English – ahead of Australia and New Zealand!
7.    Because it’s fast
2 weeks. That’s it. A top Remote Staffing Provider can fill ANY type of position within a 2 week period.


Let the Remote Revolution elevate your business ARTistry.

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Online Freelancer, Virtual Assistant, Remote Staff; What’s the Difference?



Evolutionary Stage 1: Online Freelancers

Online Freelancers are the industry’s pioneers. The best ones are highly skilled and will save you money while delivering high quality work. The problem is finding those “best ones” as you bid via online marketplaces for the services of somebody you really have no guarantee is up to the job.

Online Freelancers are great if you have a small, one-off project that carries low financial risk on your part and will not take too much time to complete.

Evolutionary Stage 2: Virtual Assistants

You are probably familiar with Virtual Assistants.  Again they are highly skilled, self-employed and can help you save money as a home-based extension to your workforce.

However, Remote Workers are the equivalent to personal or administrative assistants or someone in a secretarial position. Their role is mainly to provide support and advice, not fulfill managerial or technical functions.

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11 Benefits Hiring Virtual Employee

Hiring Temporary Worker for Business

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11 Benefits of Hiring a Bolton Staffing Virtual Employee

We can provide roles such as accountants/ bookkeepers, software developers/ web programmers, online marketers/ market researchers, data entry clerks or virtual administrative assistants, web designers/ graphic designers, customer service/ technical support teams, human resource/ recruitment staff, sales support through telephone, email or chat and other IT administrative roles like offshore remote staffing and system administrators.

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Fake lawyer jailed for 14 years for tricking ‘desperate’ victims

Fake lawyer



A self-styled lawyer has been sentenced to a total of 14 years for a series of frauds against clients whom he tricked into thinking he was a bona fide legal professional.

Giovanni di Stefano, 57, who became known as the devil’s advocate for taking on “unwinnable” cases, was convicted on 25 charges including deception, fraud and money laundering between 2001 and 2011 at Southwark crown court, south London, on Wednesday.

On Thursday he pleaded guilty to another two counts of fraud and a further three counts were kept on file.

Judge Alistair McCreath, the recorder of Westminster, noted there were many offences over long periods of time.

The fact that the victims, who included a disabled man seeking damages for the loss of an arm, were all “desperate and vulnerable” and suffered not just financial losses but also the “raising and dashing of false hope”, was an aggravating factor, the judge said.

Di Stefano conned clients out of millions of pounds by setting himself up as a lawyer when he had no legal qualifications and was not registered to work as a lawyer in Italy or the UK.

He used the Italian word avvocato on business cards, letterheads and identification documents to give clients – and the judiciary – the impression he was an advocate.

In a loud voice Di Stefano told the judge: “I am obliged, my lord,” as he stepped out of the dock.

The judge told Di Stefano: “I recognise that you did not actively seek out those whom you defrauded. They came to you. You did not approach them but there is more than one kind of predator. Some predators hunt down their victims, others lie in wait for them. Your victims in this case were all desperate people and people who, because of their desperation, were vulnerable.”

The judge also noted that, while this case is about money, “it is also about something different and great – it is about the real distress you caused to so many people”.

“You had no regard for them nor for their anguish,” he said. “Your only concern was to line your own pockets.”

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First Person: Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

Need a Lawyer



There are many times when every small business needs the assistance of a good corporate lawyer, including during its start-up phase and when it hires its first employee, must protect intellectual property or needs an ironclad contract.

Start Up

If your business will be a sole proprietorship, you may be able to get it off the ground without legal help, but if it will have a more complex structure, such as a partnership or corporation, you probably should hire a corporate lawyer to help you establish the business as a legal entity and, if necessary, prepare a partnership agreement or other legal documentation. Your lawyer also may be able to educate our about federal, state or local licensing or regulatory requirements that apply to your business.

Hire Employees

Another time when it is wise for your small business to seek legal advice from an experienced corporate lawyer is when it hires its first employee, since your company is subject to labor laws and regulations even before you conduct your first interview. For example, one of your first employment decisions will be whether to classify a worker as an independent contractor or a company employee, since this will affect how much tax you pay, whether you must withhold taxes from the employee’s income, how you report her income to the IRS, and how much control you have over her activities. IRS regulations set guidelines for designating employees as independent contractors and misclassifying one can be costly in taxes and penalties.

Also, employment applications can be a mine field for you as a small business owner if you aren’t familiar with labor laws that determine information you can and can’t request. Other employee-related areas subject to regulation include workplace safety, wages and hours, benefits, and employee discrimination and harassment.

Understanding federal and state employment laws before you hire your first employee can save you time and expense, so consulting a lawyer knowledgeable about labor laws may be a good financial decision.

Develop Intellectual Property

Your business’s intellectual property could include product designs, names, logos or trade secrets (the recipe for your trademark macadamia cupcakes with the secret ingredients only you know). If its intellectual property is so valuable to the business that unauthorized use of it by another business or individual could harm your company, then you should protect it legally and may need to consult with a business lawyer with expertise in this area.


At some point, your business may need to sign contracts with employees, partners, customers, or vendors or perhaps you will want to purchase another company and require a purchase contract to complete the transaction. Writing a contract yourself, even for transactions that seem straightforward and on which both parties agree, can be risky. A good corporate lawyer can prepare an agreement that takes into account the unexpected and protects your business’s interests in ways that you might not consider.

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Reasons Why you should Have a Lawyer

Reasons Why you should Have a Lawyer

While each person’s lawful scenario is different, there are times when you really should look for a Legal Services. Below are the top elements.

The laws are complex. If you are not a lawyer you probably have no business doing like one in certain circumstances. Even knowledgeable lawyers generally do not represent themselves in judge. A strong case can quickly discover without the support of a qualified and psychologically separated lawyer. In the same way, unable to seek the services of a lawyer when starting a company, analyzing a agreement or beginning on other efforts with possible legal repercussions can result in otherwise preventable stuttering blocks.

The other party has lawyer. Non-attorneys are usually at a disadvantage when squaring off against opposite advice or doing company with one more party that has lawful services. As described above, the law is complicated and an attorney comprising your attacker will take benefits of this inequity.

You’re not sure how to beg. Asking accountable is not the only alternative, even if there is proof directing straight at you. An lawyer who is informed of the regulation will be best located to describe your choices and can assist you prevent possibly serious charges even before a legal check starts.

Lawyers know how to task proof. You may not even know that a key piece of proof against you was poorly acquired or that the declaration of a observe opposes an previously declaration. And did the criminal action lab effectively control the proof every phase of the way? Your attorney will find out.

Not getting a attorney may actually cost you more. What is at stake? A authorized situation may figure out whether or not you make investments some time behind bars, while a municipal situation could harm you financially. Besides, many public lawyers don’t gather a penny unless they win your situation. Also, you may be able to declare attorney’s costs as a complainant in a municipal situation, so choosing a attorney can really save or improve your profits.

Attorneys usually offer a 100 % free preliminary assessment. Because many lawyers will satisfy with you for 100 % free during a face-to-face review, there is really no damage in discussing with one. Not only will a 100 % free evaluation give you an concept of the type of situation you have, it will guide you choose whether you actually need to seek the solutions of a lawyer.

Because you don’t know any professional witnesses or personal detectives. Attorneys rely on an prolonged system of experts to help their customers’ cases. Most non-attorneys do not individually know the types of specialists who can aid with development or task proof or statement by the opposing party.

Lawyers recognize how to effectively file records and handle other legalized strategies. If you’re not an attorney, you may battle with the work deadlines and strategy for effectively submitting and processing certain authorized information. One late or wrong processing could destroy your situation, delay a given legal procedure or worse – have the situation tossed out totally.

A great lawyer can attack up a excellent agreement provide or request offer, if required. An knowledgeable lawyer probably has seen cases just like yours or at least knows enough to make a measured think about how it may take care of at test. Sometimes a agreement is the best choice, while other times it should you select to see your situation through to test. An attorney also can help negotiate a reasonable agreement with the opposite party.

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Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Lawyers have continued since olden days, creating guidelines in an effort to maintain serenity and purchase in areas. These days, lawyers can be found all over the globe. What does it take to be efficient in this challenging field? Some of the features top lawyers have involve:

Sociable Personalities

Great lawyers and legal assistants have outstanding social skills and can create based on connections with everyone they work with.


A great lawyer or paralegal has excellent ability as a copywriter which is used in preparing powerful justifications, briefs, activities, and other lawful information.


A good attorney has outstanding systematic abilities and is able to simply appear reasonable of a large number of information.


Attorneys, legal assistants, and other lawyer should have strong examining understanding expertise to easily understand the complex information experienced in legal research and records.


Those working in solicitors must have determination. Often, scenarios need many time of perform with large analysis and plenty of composing. A great attorney or legal assistant must be willing to put in the time it needs to get the job done.

Keen eye for investigation

Planning a legal technique generally needs an comprehensive amount of research. Anyone engaged in solicitors should have excellent analysis expertise to be able to find and understand relevant information.

Rational Thinking

A great lawyer is able to think rationally and make inexpensive conclusions and presumptions depending on information provided.

Creative Imagination

A great attorney is innovative and able to think of affordable solutions when problems and exclusive circumstances occur.


A great attorney has excellent presentation skills and is comfortable working with a trial. They can also easily manage discussing in front of other groups.

Interest in Continuous Education & Learning

Great attorneys stay on top of developments in their field and also participate in ongoing training. In fact, 48 states require attorneys to make training credit yearly.

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Choosing A Suitable Attorney

Suitable Attorney

When choosing a lawyer, best to consider these aspects before moving forward.

Referrals – if any of your close friends have gone through such scenario, ask them to associate the name of the attorney who has assisted them to resolve their economical situation. If you know any attorney who are part of any other area, you can even ask for a consultation, or better yet call Phone Lawyers. You may get the labels of some of the well-known attorneys who cope with such situations and get them fixed quite easily.

Research – For businesses, best to identify legal companies that deal with bankruptcy issue. These authorized companies have experienced attorneys working for their business.

Determine applicability – Not all lawyers are capable enough to deal with all types of problems. Hence, you need to decide as to which reasonable issue you want to address and seek a lawyer who specializes in that field of law For example, if you are seeking debtor’s advice, designate a lawyer who can handle such effectively.

Legal Professionals – Using the Internet, you can get a record of lawyers’ titles relevant to bankruptcy troubles. Along with this, also observe how they get in touch with details. Using such information, get in touch with them to know whether the selected lawyer will be able to represent your case or not.

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Factors Why Outsourcing Payroll Services

Outsourcing Payroll Services

There are instances when the owner of a little company seems to get mixed up with perform. One of the most amazing that this can happen is when the company grows enough to start choosing workers. The stress of monitoring each worker gets a major frustration. And the common little company has no funds to seek the services of a whole division to deal with the paycheck. What are the options? Some companies are dedicated to offering inexpensive payroll services for businesses. Here are some reasons why outsourcing perform can save massive.


As explained above, the cost is the biggest reason to delegate this performs. Having an paycheck division as simply tossing money out to small organizations. Here is why. Most people usually factor in the only monitor paycheck hours, but there are other costs to consider. For example creating assessments, supervising of taxation involved and maintain a paycheck financial account. Take and evaluate the costs of freelancing to perform. It’s a considerable benefit.


Paycheck mistakes are never excellent. There are just a hassle, but may rage workers too. The pay-roll assistance organizations are less likely outstanding errors that an residence house. And also, if there is an error, then give up. It’s a win-win scenario.


From the businesses provide paycheck services are dedicated to that area alone, are usually much quicker than an residence house. You can keep a record of consistent employees and periodic employees. This process generally needs application to be bought independently, which is yet another charge.


The paycheck businesses are accountable for any mistakes that could be made during the procedure. If there is an error, are lawfully needed to correct it.


They are always those who will try and take everything they can. Having a paycheck department at house indicates that the proprietor will be examined to make sure that there is nothing sketchy going on. Pay-roll Outsourcing removes this anxiety. This aspect alone creates it value the expense.

Legal Guidelines

Laws and regulations change all the time. Keeping home paycheck section to date on changing rules can be a pressure. Freelancing work removes this issue entirely.


By outsourcing paycheck, job top quality will never modify. For example, if you are using a home division and affiliate paycheck certified to go on holiday and then would work to another less certified worker. It could possibly cause to catastrophe. However, since the paycheck agencies are specialists only in paycheck, all workers are certified. That signifies that even if one requires a holiday, the procedure will not be limited.

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