6 Steps to a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Social Branding

As a person who has previously worked in several small businesses who have worked with social media to gain awareness, this article has brought up some awesome points for small businesses that are looking to make an online appearance. However, you must remember that social media is NOT a source of advertising. It is a source of getting information to people that you have ALREADY advertised too and have gotten them to like your page. If you try and advertise solely to your followers, you are only reaching out to the same potential amount of people every time. Social media is a business booster, not a business maker.


It’s obvious that Facebook and Twitter are rocking social media, but if your product or service is visual, you may consider Pintrest or Instagram.

Your choice of your social media platform should be based on your business…

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My practical approach based on experience is to create a website for real Internet users, not for search engine spiders.
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