Online Freelancer, Virtual Assistant, Remote Staff; What’s the Difference?



Evolutionary Stage 1: Online Freelancers

Online Freelancers are the industry’s pioneers. The best ones are highly skilled and will save you money while delivering high quality work. The problem is finding those “best ones” as you bid via online marketplaces for the services of somebody you really have no guarantee is up to the job.

Online Freelancers are great if you have a small, one-off project that carries low financial risk on your part and will not take too much time to complete.

Evolutionary Stage 2: Virtual Assistants

You are probably familiar with Virtual Assistants.  Again they are highly skilled, self-employed and can help you save money as a home-based extension to your workforce.

However, Remote Workers are the equivalent to personal or administrative assistants or someone in a secretarial position. Their role is mainly to provide support and advice, not fulfill managerial or technical functions.

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