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Peter is just another guy who dreamed of opening a restaurant all his life. He was an amazing cook when it comes to cooking. But dreaming of the financial investment for it was a nightmare. So one day, he thought hard. He thought harder. Harder and harder. Finally he decided that he will stop letting the nightmare to mess him up and stop him from his future as a businessman.

What next? He now had an idea!!! 🙂 He started saving some money from his Tax returns and made some delicious southern-style pies around winter holidays, and sold them at a fare rate. The pies became a hit. The talk of the winter.

A similar story relates to Eden Reff, the Director of Artistic Edibles, a HOME BASED catering company in Mount Rainier. As discussed in my earlier blog posts, starting a home based business is an ideal and the most inexpensive way for fresh…

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