What can a VA do for you?

virtual assistant business

A VA can:

–       Manage your social media accounts

–       Write and schedule tweets and Facebook fanpage updates

–       Write blog posts or articles

–       Screen your e-mail and answer e-mails on your behalf

–       Miscellaneous data entry

–       Fill out expense reports and track reimbursements

–       Create invoices

–       Organize events

–       Book travel arrangements

–       Perform research

–       Manage any projects you don’t feel like managing

–       Do you hate doing newsletters? Let your VA do them for you.

–       Do you despise making phone calls? Let your VA take care of that for you.

–       Does the thought of creating lists on your twitter account make you want to run and hide? Never fear, your  VA is here!

–       The list is endless!


5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your VA

eBook 7 Steps To Outsource Your Life

Getting A Virtual Assistant

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