How to Solve Business Communication Problems

communication problems


By Anthony Diaz de la Vega,

Sometimes a communication breakdown occurs between two employees because of personal dispute between them. Do not let this problem spill out into the rest of the workforce. Determine what the problem is, discipline one or both of them if you have to and work with your management staff to prevent further problems of this nature.

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      Identify exactly where the communication breakdown is occurring in your business. Determine whether it is an issue between individuals or whether there is an issue with the communication infrastructure. This will help you decide how to approach the communication problem.

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      Bring together the parties that are experiencing the miscommunication and have each inform the other party exactly what it is they wanted to communicate to the other in clear, concise terms. Brainstorm solutions to the issue. Implement strategies that will prevent the communication problems from recurring.

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      Encourage your employees to communicate with one another (and especially managers) in an open, engaging way. Revise your business communication strategy protocol to reflect any changes that may have been implemented as a result of dealing with the communication issue. Offer a seminar for employees that gives them updated methods of communicating effectively.

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      Minimize the damage that the miscommunication may have had on your business by providing an overview of the problem to all parties involved, what the important sticking points were and how the problem was eventually solved.


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