Your small business marketing strategy made easy



by Deb Pilgrim,

This system allows you to be flexible and responsive. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, but if something comes up unexpectedly, you’ll be able to evaluate its impact on your overall business goals, and then decide how to handle the issue in a strategic fashion.

1. Get to know your ideal clients

Get to know the underlying drivers of your ideal clients. That’s the beliefs, feelings and desires that drive their buying behaviour.

Once you thoroughly understand these factors, you’ll begin to speak their language. You’ll understand them better, and you’ll also know what you can do to provide them with the solutions to their issues or challenges. You can never really know too much about your clients and what motivates them.

2. Decide to make your offering extraordinary

There are many small businesses out there, so if you seem just like everyone else, you may not get noticed.

Take a moment to ask yourself “What do I need to do to make my product or service extraordinary?” Be really honest with your answer, and if you’re still not sure, ask some of your most valued clients.

Listen to what people are saying to you and about you. The answers you receive may require you to re-think your current business strategy.

But don’t despair, because I know this will be worth it. If you can offer a product or service in a way that nobody else can, your competition can become redundant.

I heard a saying recently that I’d like to share with you: When it comes to your prospects, don’t be a choice, be the choice.

3. Develop your 12-month plan

Block out some time to develop a year-long plan that fits precisely with your strategy. What activities and strategies will you need to put in place each month if you’re going to achieve your goals?

4. Diarise a weekly action and review session

Once you’ve developed your 12-month plan and broken it down into monthly targets, break it down further so you know what you’ll need to do each week in order to meet your overall goal.

Book some time into your diary each week to evaluate what happened the week before, what you’ll be focusing on this week and what’s coming up next week.

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