Business Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries


Written by Faiz Askari,

For small businesses it is very important to understand the criticalities of getting business from outside India. This arena along with the traditional export and import industry provides pathway to a multitude of careers.

It is needless to emphasise that a successful international business activity requires more clearer and focussed business acumen than doing domestic business. However, conventional business functions and values are there to be managed, but one also must understand and work from a global perspective that adds politics, culture, monetary variables, time, and distance to the international business management equation.  Understanding these business values can take a small Indian business, to new heights of International exposure and International markets.

Scope of Online

Investing few hours a week can let the small business entrepreneur to search right kind of online communities where they can find the potential customers. In such approach no extra investment is required and it could give wonder results.

Scope through International Events

It is a tough task to tap the target community. In this regard, large business events bring an opportunity to showcase expertise and to understand the foreign market as well. S. Dasani owner of D Group International,  shares his views, “I have attended several business events and achieved considerable business from such investments. Be it China or Germany, business events are the only opportunity which lets buyers and sellers under one roof.”

Dasani is a fashion garment exporter based in New Delhi. However, Dasani has emphasised on a dedicating resources for international markets. “Barring last few months international business had delivered great portion of overall business. Especially in the garment line, the international markets have always been under prime focus for exporters and garment manufacturers. But we always have to look at cost effective way of approaching the international markets,” he added.

Global Partnerships

While tapping new emerging geographies, another most important aspect is to look at the genuine tie ups. New Delhi based Escape Systems is a technology solution and integration company who has recently ventured into global market. After getting some good business from the Middle East region, the company is now looking at delivering the solutions for their customer who are based in the gulf region.

Gaurav Leekha of Escape systems says, “Tie ups and partnerships with right set of partners to deliver product and services to customers who are outside India, would take the overseas business development activity to a next level.” However, these tie ups and collaborations will definitely add a strong base in any new land.

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