7 Secrets for Outsourcing Effectively to Virtual Assistants

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by Stacy Karacostas

It’s your business. While it may take some time and training to get your team working smoothly and efficiently, it’s well worth doing. Soon you’ll have way more time and energy to devote to growing your business—and having a fulfilling personal life.

1) Set up systems for communication. Ideally you want to use an online project management system, not just email. And decide how and when you expect to be notified. This is a must, and makes it easier for you and everyone on your team to know what’s happening at any given time.

2) Create a written and/or visual overview of your business and share it with your team. The more they understand what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, and where you’re trying to go, the easier it will be for them to help you.

3) Set aside time each day or week specifically for project management. Especially since you aren’t used to doing this, schedule appointments on your calendar or set reminders in Outlook or your Blackberry just for project management.

4) Set specific appointments or alarms to follow up on larger projects and due dates. Do this when you first assign a task or project to help ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

5) Create process documents and checklists for your VA. Then ask that they open and follow these each time they perform a task.

6) Assign another VA to assist with project management. After about two years of outsourcing to my Vas, I got so busy I couldn’t carve out time to review their work. Things would stall for weeks as a result.

Finally I had my team assign another VA to help with project management. She proofreads and tests everything before it’s declared done. And she also checks regularly to make sure tasks aren’t falling through the cracks.

7) Think of your relationship with your VA team as a collaboration. Don’t just be a task master. Treat them as an invaluable part of your team and work together to achieve your goals.

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