5 Things You Should Know When Doing Business in Australia

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Heading to the land down under can be an amazing experience, with beautiful landscapes, cheap hotels, and a down-to-earth culture. You can create the trip of a lifetime, even if you are traveling for business.

  • Australian culture is modest and authentic. Australians frown upon the discussion of personal, academic, or professional achievements and doing so can create distrust. You must always remember to be personable and mindful that all involved are equals.Shaking hands upon meeting and upon leaving is standard. Stick to the facts and figures, and avoid a lot of emotional influence techniques, emotions and feelings are not important in Australian business etiquette.
  • Australians take business seriously, even if it seems relaxed. Punctuality is critical in making a memorable impression. Australians do not need to have long standing personal relationships with people in order to do business, and value individual privacy. They are very matter-of-fact in their communication and business dealings.Maintaining good eye contact is extremely important.
  • Australians use of colorful language may be surprising in a formal meeting. There is a tendency to use humor colorful language in a business meeting.Australians are direct and if they do not like something that you say, they will let you know without hesitation.Australians are not big on small talk and prefer to get right down to business; always be concise.
  • As with information, negotiations should be brief and concise. Australians do not expect to bargain and negotiations are minimal, so the original proposal should leave little room for negotiation.Final decisions are concentrated with the top levels of the company, though consultation with subordinates is vital. However, this may prolong the decision making process.
  • Most businesses in Australia expect conservative attire. In Melbourne or Sydney, conservative, dark colored suits and dresses are expected. In Brisbane and other tropical areas, a shirt and tie with slacks may be formal enough. During the initial introduction, you may give business cards if you have them, though don’™t feel offended if they do not have one to give in return.

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