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VLACs are very large annoyed customers and most companies have them. You are likely to consider them as “free radicals.” That is, similar to highly unstable and reactive particles that can set up a chain reaction.  Obviously, VLACs don’t see themselves as free radicals; they think of themselves, justifiably, as the reason you have a business to run. There are many different mechanisms for how VLACs evolve but customers in this category have the following characteristics:

–           Very, very important to the supplier.

–          Hostile because of long term neglect of some form or another.

–          Gets  attention when threatening to take business elsewhere.

–          Close to losing trust in the vendor.

Often customers, VLACs that is, especially large ones, don’t become hostile over night. There is a general malaise over the years that eventually manifests itself in them seem hostile

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