I heard some commercial that used the term “profit-killing chaos” in their advertisement. I rarely watch commercials, so I really don’t know what they were referring to, but the term caught my attention and got me to thinking about how a lot of startups and entrepreneurs kill their profit inside of the chaos they often create for themselves.

Being in business requires a lot of moving parts. Most people are not the best at multi-tasking, they aren’t great with prioritizing. So these moving parts are often a hectic and chaotic mess for them and they can’t figure out why generating profit is so difficult. Part of this is because so few people maximize the 80/20 rule. They spend 80 percent of their time doing everything that doesn’t generate profit. This behavior usually beings with poor planning and prioritizing.

So, what’s my big tip?  Plan your work and then work your…

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My practical approach based on experience is to create a website for real Internet users, not for search engine spiders.
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