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It is harder to write with fewer words than it is to write with a lot of words. I learned this lesson in journalism school many years ago. This is an important point to keep in mind when you are writing your marketing copy for direct mail materials or web sites.

This concept does not mean that you have to write in short words or talk down to the reader. But it does mean that you should choose your words wisely and avoid verbosity, and especially avoid jargon.

Read through your marketing materials. Do you use a lot of industry jargon? If your mother read it, would she understand it? Avoid acronyms and other language that is inwardly focused. Write in plain language and tell your story. Everyone likes a story and whoever is reading yours wants to know about it. You can save the jargon and industry-speak for manuals…

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My practical approach based on experience is to create a website for real Internet users, not for search engine spiders.
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