10 Things To Consider Before Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Posted by: on: January 24, 2013

  1. Why do you want to become a Virtual Assistant?
  2. What specialty skills do you have to offer and what makes those skills stand out from other people’s skills?
  3. Are you going to work for an agency of yourself?
  4. Who are your clients?
  5. Do you have the funds to start up a business?
  6. When will you work at home and will your family support your venture?
  7. Are you comfortable promoting yourself to sell your services?
  8. Do you have the necessary equipment and office space?
  9. Are you willing to put in whatever hours it takes to make your business succeed?
  10. Do you have the motivation to stick to it. You will not have a boss making sure work is complete, so you will need the self motivation to ensure work is completed.

Go through the above questions and think through them carefully to determine which way you should go. If it looks like you are ready to jump in and start your new venture. You will move on to the next step of starting up your Virtual Assistant Business.

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